November 4, 2020

Episode 5: David A. Robertson

Broadcasting Act

The Government’s Internet Regulation Bill: Why Bill C-10 Will Mean a CRTC-Approved Netflix Service, Reduced Consumer Choice, and Less Investment in Canadian Culture

Trudeau Moves to Force Netflix, Disney to Promote Canadian Shows

Liberals propose law forcing Netflix, Spotify and others to support Canadian content

Liberals propose new Canadian Broadcast Act rules for online streaming platforms

Feds propose changes to Broadcasting Act that may raise $800 million from streamers

Canada seeks $630 million from streaming firms to fund domestic content

Unifor welcomes overdue CTRC move on Canadian content

New Canadian Content Rules Could Mean Pricier Netflix, Less Choice, Critics Say

New broadcast law to deal with Netflix, Spotify, other streaming services

Tous sur le même pied

Un début à tout

Taxation des géants du web : le gouvernement du Canada accusé d’avoir capitulé

US Election

Of Course Trump Was the Biggest Spreader of Election Day Disinformation

Facebook can’t catch misinformation it’s already identified as false, activist group says

Élection américaine: Facebook et Twitter réprimandent Trump

Big Tech

Internal Facebook Poll Shows Decline in Staff Sentiment Around Whether the Platform is ‘Good for the World’

Oui à la réglementation, non aux quotas francophones

Journalism & Broadcasting

Un journaliste agressé au palais de justice de Montréal

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