February 10, 2020


CRTC should open public consultations to update port protection, industry experts

MALCOLM: Make no mistake about it, press freedom is under attack in Canada

TOWHEY: Canada should spend its ad dollars at home

Post Millennial: Trudeau government wants to empower CBC to police journalists 

The LawBytes Podcast, Episode 38: Debating the Broadcast Panel Report – A Conversation with BTLR Panel Chair Janet Yale

Journalism & Broadcasting

Recapping the RSU scandal and the importance of student press

Fake News Goes Coronaviral

CBC Information Radio celebrates 50 years of waking up Manitoba

Announcing the 2020 Indigenous Investigative Journalism Fellow

Big Tech

Petition: Social media: Detox the Algorithm

Netflix’s movies only won two Oscars this year

Facebook and Twitter reject Pelosi’s request to remove edited Trump video

Liberal lead on Facebook probe hopes all-party crackdown on tech giants can continue

Elon Musk’s verdict on Facebook: It’s ‘lame’ and you should delete it

La vie privée menacée: souriez, vous êtes filmés (et reconnus)

Media & Culture

Redonner la dignité aux artistes

Extrémisme violent, perceptions et médias sous la loupe de chercheurs

Soyez averti, des intérêts privés se cachent parfois derrière un masque citoyen

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