January 27, 2020

Journalism & Broadcasting

Penticton community radio celebrates first year of over-the-air broadcasting

Fans of ‘Anne with an E’ buy Times Square billboard ads calling for Netflix to renew show

An icon of Canadian graphic design: Meet Burton Kramer, designer of the CBC logo

Big Tech

‘It plays to our worst fears’: Coronavirus misinformation fuelled by social media

‘Complete nonsense’: Expert warns against Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix show

Netflix Changed the Way It’s Counting Viewers. Does the Math Add Up?

Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault tells web giants it’s better to be ‘at the table than on the menu’

Would you pay Netflix more if it boosted Canadian content?

Dolly Parton’s meme exposed social media’s masquerade

Facebook, YouTube content moderators asked to sign PTSD form

Hillary Clinton slams Mark Zuckerberg as ‘Trumpian’ and ‘authoritarian,’ says Facebook ‘intends’ to reelect Trump

Are Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming services weeding out traditional television?

Political Parties’ Voter Profiling Is a Threat to Democracy

Google calls our Safari for privacy flaws

Que font les géants du web contre la désinformation?

Media & Culture

Writers, producers warn streaming content boom is squeezing out Canadian creators

Why American ads are blocked – again – from the Super Bowl broadcast in Canada


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