October 18, 2019


Liberals defend Chinese Facebook ads on Andrew Scheer’s gun policy

The CBC Lawsuit, Fair Dealing and Future Reform: The Unexpected Arrival of Copyright in Election 2019

Big Tech

Are Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Too Incompetent to Do What Publishers of Small Town Papers Do?

Facebook Cofounder-Turned-Critic Chris Hughes Starts $10 Million ‘Anti-Monopoly’ Fund

Facebook has no business policing political speech, Zuckerberg argues

Facing Obstacles At Home And Opportunities Abroad, Netflix Pivots

Election 2019: The “Netflix Tax” May Be Hiding in Plain Sight

The Smartest People in the Room? What Silicon Valley’s Supposed Obsession with Tech-Free Private Schools Really Tells Us

Désinformation: Facebook se défend d’avoir à jouer un rôle d’«arbitre»

Avec plus de 158 millions d’abonnés, Netflix ne craint pas la concurrence

À l’ombre des géants du Web

Media & Culture

Lilly Singh Just Got Nominated For The Biggest Streamy Award This Year

La planète plus ouverte aux séries du Québec

Le Québec débarque au Paris Podcast Festival

Celebrating PTBO’s 700th lawn sign with Washboard Hank

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